Based in Asheville, North Carolina, we’re a guerilla Digital Marketing agency helping intentional ventures, pioneers and disruptors generate more revenue from the internet. We do this by creating data-driven, digital strategies, and driving traffic with SEO and Social Media.

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Breathe – You’re Online.

Now, breathe again – your organization’s survival will depend on staying relevant and visible by meeting the ever-increasing demands of your modern, digital audience. Unsure how you stack up to your digital-forward competition? We can help.

guy sitting at a desk realizing he has a lot of digital marketing work to do.
Asheville marketing agency creating a digital marketing strategy for a health and wellness client.

Start Your Journey of Digital Evolution

We design, build and execute structured digital marketing strategies that evolve step-by-solid-step, from the most important part of your organization – its foundation.

Sustainable Growth Solutions


Strategic Marketing Foundations

A voyage of research and data analysis that builds a comprehensive foundation of insight into your customers and markets, and a custom roadmap of opportunities on the growing landscape of digital possibilities.

  • Save valuable time and money with a structured framework of marketing evolution.

Digital Marketing Foundations delivery for client in Asheville NC
360 Marketing services for Asheville, NC client


360° Marketing Foundations

Whether your customer lives down the road, or on the other side of the planet, shine your digital light and drive more calls, traffic, and social change.

  • Quickly improve ROI, relevance, and visibility.

  • Boost customer interest by more than 50% with Google-recommended services.

  • Drive more business by providing value each step of the way along your audience’s buying journey.

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Google Analytics Data Integrity & Foundations

Evolve your marketing strategy to a whole new level with the power of data. See where to invest – or stop investing – your resources, realize how to resonate with your audience on a whole new level, and identify previously unseen, high-value customer segments.

  • Maximize your ROI by leaving faith-based marketing behind and start knowing where to invest your marketing resources.
  • Get unreal insight into your most profitable audience’s values, buying habits and demographics.

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Google Analytics Data Foundations services for Asheville, NC client
Forensic Marketing Audits in Asheville, NC by Blue Avocado Media


Forensic Marketing Audits

A comprehensive assessment of your digital weaknesses and strategic and tactical opportunities to bridge that gap.

  • Learn if your current agency is outsourcing your work to low-paid, low-skilled workers abroad.

  • Increase the economic value of your website and overall digital footprint.



Social enterprises work to create cultural change – not maximizing stakeholder wealth.

Creating lasting cultural change doesn’t happen overnight – it’s born from the conscious consistency of living the change you wish to see in the world.

Blue Avocado Media exists to champion the underdog, the changemakers and social enterprises doing the hard work to create a world where human, animal and environmental dignity are the focal points of doing business.

Our digital marketing approach prioritizes holistic, systems-thinking strategies mirroring mothernature’s own process of sustainable growth and evolution. By aligning our values and our missions, we can help you on the path to cultural revolution through digital evolution.

Ready to tear down the wall?

We’d love to help. Now, let’s see if we align.